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Pill Packaging

Taking multiple prescriptions every day can be a challenge. Trying to remember if you took that last pill, did you miss a time or not.

Stucki Family Pharmacy can minimize your stress and risk of missed/forgotten dosage with Pre-Packaged Prescriptions!


Organization – If you take multiple pills each day, Pre-Packaging can organize them not only by day but by the time of day you need to take them. Your over-the-counter pills can also be included with your prescription pills!

100% Accuracy – Never miss a pill! This process is monitored by your personal Pharmacist for completeness and pill interaction

Convenience – The number of trips you have to make to the pharmacy can be reduced dramatically. You can receive a complete month’s worth of medications at a time delivered right to your door!

Price – There is no charge for Pre-Packaging or delivery of your prescriptions. Stucki Family Pharmacy wants to help you reduce your stress by making it easier to get and take the medicines you need.